Challenge is what makes men. It will be  the end when men stop looking for new  challenges.

                                                                            Sir Edmund Hillary


Paddlesport, (Canoeing and Kayaking)

Flat water, open water, white water and sea, your options are endless.  Whether you are a novice or an expert we can help develop your skills, train you for an award or simply ensure you enjoy paddling in the great outdoors.

Bushcraft & Survival Skills

The development of skills for living outdoors has become one of the fastest growing aspects of outdoor education and leisure. Skills such as lighting fires, building shelters, back country cooking, carving and working with hand tools (e.g. knife, saw, and axe).  The outdoors is a potentially hostile environment and our aim is for you to be able to manage your health and well being, remain comfortable at all times, so as ultimately to enjoy the experience.

B.C.U. U.K.C.C. Courses

Stuart is a Canoe England U.K.C.C. Course Director and is actively involved in developing prospective new coaches and trainers, all courses are ran with UKCC and Canoe England authorisation, and cover the U.K.C.C. National syllabus.

Team Building

Working effectively within a "Team" are an essential life skill.  Team working affects all aspects of our life.  Whether at work, at home, or in our leisure pursuits, we work with others to achieve outcomes we are not capable of alone, to improve efficiency or to simply enhance our enjoyment and satisfaction from social interaction.   The outdoors is the ideal environment to develop this skills.  We also think it is much more fun than learning in a class room!


Map reading and compass skills, a core component of the skills training we deliver, are essential for the outdoor practitioner as well as for those wanting to explore the wilderness, mountains and fells and generally places off the beaten track. However, would you also like to develop a broader range of navigation skills?  Perhaps using a watch, the stars or shadows to identify direction?  Why not develop these skills with G.O.L.D. whilst learning to forage and survive in the wilderness?

Rock Climbing

From movement on rock, modern rope techniques, through to safely managing the welfare of others, we can help you develop the skills you need to climb to the heights you aspire to reach.  Whether you want to use a climbing a wall or fancy that cliff or mountain face, we can equip you with the skills you need to enjoy this thrilling and rewarding outdoor activity. 


Expeditioning is a fantastic way combine navigation, camp craft, outdoor cooking, and a variety of other outdoor skills.  Whether you want to participate in an expedition on land or water, or simply need help organising and delivering one,  we can offer a broad range of specialist services.  


At one point practiced for two hours per week by all you Englishmen, Archery is an important part of our heritage .  Why not rekindle that heritage and discover that inner "Robin Hood".  Combined with other fun activities, such as bushcraft, Archery is great way to enjoy the outdoor experience for young and old alike. 

Management & Leadership Training

Mountain Biking

At G.O.L.D., we pride ourselves on our ability to enhance your skills, to take corners faster, to be able to land your bike after that jump.  In conjunction with M.I.A.S. we can offer not only skills courses but coaching courses as well.

First Aid

Whether you need a first aid qualification for work or simply want to develop important life skills essential to keep you and your family safe in the outdoors, we are able to supply a range of accredited courses.  For those working in the outdoors, we are able to facilitate specialist first aid training with an outdoor activity bias.  

Family Fun

At G.O.L.D., we can arrange a variety of bespoke family outdoor activity events.  What better way to strengthen family bonds than sharing the experience of the great outdoors.  Whether you are new to outdoor leisure activities or simply wish to try something new or more adventurous, we can provide a wide range of activities and venues to help you achieve that unforgettable family experience.  

Duke of Edinburgh Award Trainer/Assessor (over 18's only)

At G.O.L.D. we have over 20 years experience of delivering DofE expeditions. We are able to help organise and equip expeditions, undertake risk assessments and provide training and skill development needed to manage the welfare of others participating of the Award. 

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